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Get A Perfectly Fitted Business Casual Suit From The Experts At 8th Lining

At 8th Lining, we pride ourselves on offering the highest quality tailoring services for business suits. Our tailor-made suits are made from the finest materials and designed to provide the ultimate comfort and style.

We offer an extensive array of over 2,000 fabrics, so customers can be sure to find the perfect match. For those who want the very best, our bespoke suits are made from scratch and are guaranteed to fit perfectly. So no matter your requirements, we are confident that we can provide you with a suit that will exceed your expectations. Schedule a consultation today!

Look Your Best With High-quality Tailored Business Suits

We understand that the right suit can make all the difference. That's why we offer tailor-made suits that are designed to fit your unique body type and style preferences. So whether you're looking for a classic black suit or a more modern pattern, we're confident that we can help you find the perfect 8th Lining suit.

Our Process


During our consultation session, we learn about your requirements, needs, and most importantly about you and your use cases. 

We then curate and showcase a few fabrics, helping them begin dreaming up their perfect outfit.


Once you have picked your preferred fabric, We move onto the customization section, The client can make an unlimited amount of customizations for their suit jacket, shirt, and/or trouser. 

We then align the fabric with the overall customizations bringing the dreamt-up outfit into real-world perspective. 

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Master-Garment Try-On

Once the fabric and customizations have been confirmed, We then request our clients to try on our master garments to understand more about our client's preferred fit and posture.

While our stylists calibrate and prepare our 3-D body scanning technology. 

Body Scan

Once the 3-D body scanning technology is prepared, Our client then enters the booth where the scanner takes 200-points of measurements in a second. 

We then confirm the accuracy of the measurements and then send the details over to our manufacturing team. Thus concluding our first session.  

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Suit Pick-Up

The perfect suit then takes up to 4-5 weeks to be built and shipped to our store, We then have our esteemed client try on the suit and while the suit might look and feel perfect our stylist will audit to see if any alterations are required before handing over the perfect suit built for generations to use. 

In time building confidence and empower our clientele to strive and achieve every dream. 

We Guarantee The Perfect Fit With 3d Body Scanning Technology

8th Lining is proud to feature our exclusive 3D body scanning technology. Boasting 200 measurements in a second, our revolutionized scanning process ensures a perfect fit and feel for your office suits every time. This innovative technology uses sensors to capture a 3D image of the customer's body, allowing us to create custom-fitted clothing that is guaranteed to flatter. In addition, our scanning process is quick and easy, meaning that customers can enjoy a hassle-free shopping experience. With 8th Lining's 3D body scanning technology, you can be sure that you'll look and feel your best in any outfit.

We Offer Consultation and Customization

The first step in creating your perfect business casual suit is to book a consultation with our experienced design team. During the consultation, we will learn about your style preferences, body type, and what occasions you plan to wear the garment. This information will help us select a few fabrics we think will work well for you.

We will then show you these fabrics and give you some options for how they can be used to create a stylish and flattering garment. By the end of the consultation, you should have a good idea of what you want your outfit to look like. We will then work with you to fine-tune the details and ensure that everything is perfect.

After you have chosen your favorite fabric, we move on to the customization process. We make it possible for our customers to customize their office suits to ensure satisfaction fully.

Get The Perfect Suit

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