1. Consulting

With Our Advisors

You will be guided through the different options, fabrics and traditional styling rules.

Our team of style advisors will assess you in our store and guide you through our selection of fabrics including italian fabrics from Loro Piana and British fabrics from Holland & Sherry and Thomas Mason.

Our made to measure suits start at 1,450 AED and our made to measure shirts start at 650 AED.The choice of fabric is essential: only the chosen range of fabric determines the price.8th Lining offers more than 15 different ranges and 1500 fabrics depending on style, season and occasion.

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2. Options

Free and Unlimited

Once the fabric is chosen, you will need to customize your made to measure product according to your wishes.

In order to provide a simple and transparent pricing structure, 8th Lining offers free and unlimited customization options: whether you want to order a made to measure dinner jacket, a wedding suit or a business suit, made to measure chinos or even a denim shirt.

8th Lining offers everyone the chance to create their own made to measure wardrobe.

made to measure suits dubai
3. 3D Body Scanner

200 Measurements in Less Than a Second

Our 3D body scanner allows us to take over 200 measurements in less than a second.


The 3D body scanner obtains your morphological data but only the style advisors can determine the necessary comfort to meet your needs.The combination of the scanner measurements and your design wishes will help you obtain a truly customized product.

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4. Manufacturing

Offering Great Quality

The measurements and your customizations are then sent to our workshop. A workshop dedicated to the tradition of tailoring.

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5. Delivery

4 to 5 Weeks

4 to 5 weeks are required for the production of the items and delivery.


Your measurements and options are saved and can therefore be used for further purchases directly on our website or at any point of sale.