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5 Tips to Identify a High Quality Made to Measure Suit

Updated: Jul 12

There are many tailor and bespoke services that claim to make quality suits but it is always a challenge for a layman to identify a premium made to measure suit from a mass-manufactured one. Here are five quick tips that will help you spot a high-quality suit from a regular one.

Check the Fabric

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It doesn't matter where you are getting your suit from, if it is made-to-measure, it won't use terms like 'blend' or 'polyester'. High-quality custom suits always go for pure fabrics like cotton, wool, silk, and tweed. Secondly, check out where the fabric is from. As a general rule, Bangladesh, England, France, the US, and Italy manufacture the best yarn.

Don't Forget the Lining

If your suit has a fused lining that uses glue, it is not a high-quality bespoke suit you paid for. In fact, the cheapest suits use this technique. Premium made-to-measure suits rely on full canvas, or at the very least, half-canvas lining.

Quality of Stitching

It goes without saying that you need to determine the quality of stitching to ensure the suit is put together using skillful and highly talented craftsmanship. Mass-manufactured suits have low-quality stitching that you will be easily identified due to the quality of material as well as the technique.

The Suit Design

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Although the design is purely a subjective aspect of any clothing, a premium made-to-measure suit easily stands out in terms of its aesthetics when compared to a regular mass-produced one. You can assess the quality of design, its dye, the vividness of colors, and the quality of material to ensure you are getting the right deal.

Look for Those Details

To be honest, you won't even have to look for them. Even if you have an untrained eye when it comes to determining the quality of suits, a made-to-measure custom suit will have details in terms of its fabric, texture, stitching, and design quality that will stand out.

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