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Discovering The Best Look For Your Size

Updated: Jan 27

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Take a look at any magazines and commercials, and most men will quickly understand that it is rare to see their body type represented. The truth is that not all men are built the same, but that is no reason why it is not possible to look your absolute best, no matter what your size is. Once you learn the basics to dressing for your size, you will be able to optimize your look and improve your wardrobe. Here, we provide a thorough breakdown of the types of body shapes for men and what clothes and styles work best for all men.

Body Shapes

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As men age, inevitably weight gets repositioned around the hips and waist, creating a triangular shape that makes it a bit more challenging to find clothes that fit properly. The key is to create a balance that includes custom suits, tailored patterned blazers, vertical stripes for a slimming effect, jackets with structured shoulders and single-breasted suits that don’t add bulk to your frame. Clothing to avoid for triangular shaped men include fitted polo shirts, bright and ‘busy’ patterns, and skinny fits. Instead opt for straight or wide leg pants that add proportion to your silhouette.


Men with inverted triangle shapes have broad shoulders, a well-developed chest, bigger thighs, and a narrow waist from working out at the gym. Since most clothing brands produce for men that have more of a ‘dad bod’, the inverted triangle man will definitely need to invest in made to measure suits more than most men. A streamlined fit is ideal for this body type, which means horizontal stripes, custom shirts that are slim fit, V-neck t-shirts, slim fit jackets, and straight-leg trousers are the way to go. A body this toned should avoid structured tailoring that comes with shoulder pads as you want to streamline your frame. Also, avoid scoop necklines, prints and patterns and last but not least – be sure to invest in a quality tailor that can assist you with made to measure suits that complement your style.


Men that have a tall, thin frame are classified as rectangular shape, with hips and waist that are typically about the same width apart. This body type is advised to invest in clothes that will widen shoulders and create a nipped-in silhouette across the center of the body. Suggested styles to consider include horizontal stripes, structured blazers and suit jackets to add size to your shoulders, and layering with button-down shirts and crew neck jumpers to add a bit of size to your frame. A small frame such as this can also carry off bright colors and prints to expand your dimensions. Men with rectangular shapes should definitely invest in made to measure suits to ensure that their frame is well supported, but double-breasted jackets are to be avoided as they may drown you out. Instead, opt for single-breasted blazers and jackets with custom shirts for a winning look.


For oval shaped men, the torso is wider than both the hips and the shoulders, with short, broader limbs that widen at the midpoint. Since men with oval frames want to give off a slimmer appearance, the trick is to keep it simple with dark, solid colors from your trousers to blazers, which should be single-breasted to decrease any bulkiness. Invest in loose-fit trousers with pleats, and custom shirts that don’t billow or bunch up. As far as accessories are concerned, suspenders and bowties are great options to achieve a dapper look that works for your frame. Clothing to avoid include tight fitting clothing and patterns that may draw attention to the midsection.


Considered the average build that most designers base their collections on, the great news is that most clothes in stores will properly fit without much tailoring necessary. Men with trapezoid frames have a narrow waist and are broadest at the torso and usually have the ‘dad bod’ that is somewhat athletic enough for slim and fitted attire. This gives you the opportunity to take advantage of more modern looks and athleisurewear. Men with trapezoid physiques should steer clear of baggy clothes and instead opt for custom suits and made to measure suits for a more polished look. You can also pull off cuffs and pleats if preferred as well as most colors and patterns if you like to switch things up. Vertical stripes will help to add a bit of length to your frame, while plaid will add a bit of bulk. Jackets and blazers should taper at the waist to slim your appearance and neckties should extend at just around the belt buckle. With a build such as this, custom shirts and custom suits are ideal – you don’t want to look unflattering in baggy and loose materials.


No matter what your build is, you should have enough versatility in your wardrobe so that you can stand out sometimes. A few distinct details can go a long way towards making that happen. A nice pocket square, watch, and well-made leather shoes will pull off this effect. Remember to keep your look as clutter-free as possible and at the end of the day, your body type and frame should take precedence over any fashion trends.

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