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Into The World of Made To Measure Suits

Updated: Jan 27

made to measure suits dubai

The custom suit is by far one item of clothing that’s a must-have for every man. It conveys debonair, confidence, masculine charm, and poise, an icon of chic and highbrow tailoring. Suit-making is an art, not just some sartorial activity. Eight out of every ten men have either worn or own a custom suit at one point in their lifetime.

The suit is a constant feature of every business and formal event in many world cultures. Wedding tuxedos are also quite common for weddings, funerals, galas, award ceremonies, graduation, promenades, etc. In most climes, the custom suit is also necessary for employees at organizations – such widespread popularity that the suit has- well it didn’t start out that way.

made to measure suits dubai

The style of the present-day suit dates back to the 1800s when Beau Brummell pretty much distinguished himself by defining his own suit style – the simple pants and jacket with a tie. This was away from the King Charles II French-inspired court wears that were heavy and sturdy. Way to go Brummell! You really saved us from a whole lot.


There are three basic classes of suits depending on their mode of acquisition. There is the Bespoke, the made-to-measure suit (Our specialty), and the ready-to-wear. The bespoke offers the highest form of details in terms of expressing one’s personal suit style. This is followed by made-to-measure suits. One distinct thing that distinguishes the Bespoke from the Made-to-measure suit is the careful, painstaking process that begins from taking the body measurements of the client. The suit construction is done from scratch (Pattern) to finishing, using all the body measurements taken from the owner.

custom suits dubai

This is high-class tailoring, no doubt! Meanwhile, the made-to-measure doesn’t take as much time. You also get to meet the tailor at the Fashion House, your measurements are taken, you choose your fabrics type, from limited options though, and in no time, your suit is delivered. So, here’s the icing on this piece of cake. What do you call a suit made from over 200 body measurements captured in a second? Bespoke or Made-to-measure. Quite tricky? We don’t mean to startle you, but at 8th liningDubai, we invite you to come and experience our sartorial sophistication.

No tailor takes more than 30 body measurements, yet, our state-of-the-art 3D body scanner records over 200 figure indices in a second. What this means is that when you consult us for your made-to-measure suit or shirt, your measurements are taken in a whiff, and with that kind of data at our disposal, what you are getting is a classic made-to-measure suit that passes every address of bespoke tailoring. This is the 8th Lining effect!

custom suits dubai

What 8th Lining Brand Offers

  • Affordability: With as low as AED 1,450, you can own a fitted suit that will accentuate your body uniqueness and make you look dapper in your Dubai

  • Quality: You can rest assured the construction is made with all the data gathered from your measurement.

  • Respect for client’s time: We are aware of the sanctity of time, and so we want to help you manage your time, hence our walk-through sartorial treats.

Get on the elegant wave, a walk in the 8th Lining Dubai boutique could make you look 8 times sharper than your contemporaries.

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