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Modern Tailoring - Combining the Old with New

Updated: Jan 27

made to measure suits dubai

The New - 3D Body Scanning Technology

As technology advances and infiltrates every aspect of modern life then the art of tailoring has been touched too. Using patented technology, 8th Lining is able to take 200 body measurements in 600 milliseconds (to be exact). The data is then rendered in real time to give an exact measurement of the client’s body down to the mm. How does this benefit the process?

  • Accuracy never before seen within made-to-measure tailors

  • Speeds-up the fitting process considerably

  • Saves the fit so repeat purchases can be done in an instant

made to measure suits dubai

The Old – Hand Measurements

Hand measurements still have their place within the fitting process though – as accurate and quick as the scanning is, the body scanner doesn’t let the tailors know how they like to wear their suit. Maybe the client likes a shorter, more contemporary fitting jacket or he wants a shorter fitting trouser as he’s wearing sneakers with the suit – the body scanning doesn’t take these stylistic elements into consideration but our tailors will!

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