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Why Choose Made-To-Measure Suits?

Updated: Jan 27

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In recent times, the fashion circle has been flooded with arguments on the superiority of the bespoke suits over made-to-measure suits. Fashion connoisseurs, tailors and different schools of thought have voted the bespoke over made to measure. Clearly, we beg to differ. Our stance is not to claim superiority for made to measure (which of course is our specialty), but to educate by highlighting the merits of the made-to-measure as an ideal mode of acquisition for the majority whether for suits, coats or made to measure shirts.



made to measure suits dubai

Bespoke may be the hallmark of the tailoring profession. The sheer artistry of the same is amazing. But it comes with a price the majority can't or may not be able to afford. So what's going to happen? Will you decline that invitation to your best friend's wedding because bespoke suits have astronomical price tags?

Made to measure provides the way out while also giving you good quality that can rival any bespoke suit at the 8th lining boutique. For example, at 8th lining, you could get a custom suit for $395 with optimum quality. Our 3D body scanner takes care of your measurement without sweat. The in-house patterns are adaptable for any body type. What's left? Your order?

Your Choice Matters

Made to measure order gives room for your choice in fabric and style. With this, you are not just handed any suit from a rack. Whether prince of whales, stripes, squares, plain, etc, we’ll be your North star assisting you through the elegant path.

Quality Materials

made to measure suits dubai

Made to measure outfits like ours source the best of materials to create the perfect wears for our clients, the best you would find here in Dubai. We carefully handpick the best amongst the best fabric materials befitting for our clientele class.

Perfect Fit

Since your measurements are included in the whole construction, you can be sure the product will fit your unique body shape.

We measure up to expectation

In conclusion, we don't just make great made-to-measure products; we also strive to meet the demands of our clients. A trial will keep you coming back for more. Shop made-to-measure suits! Visit 8th lining, Dubai!

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