The epitome of 1960s cool, the Rat Pack, popularized the Sharkskin Suit and it’s been a mainstay in every discerning gentleman’s wardrobe ever since.


Made from premium wool, the Sharkskin Suit gets his trademark shimmer from its smooth, two-toned fabric, created by box-weaving two colour threads. It’s this high-luster finish that makes the suit perfect for even the most special occasions.


Despite it’s prestige, the Sharkskin Suit’s durability and resistance to wrinkles make it ideal for daily wear and packing into your suitcase.


Made to your unique measurements and specifications, the Sharkskin 2-Piece Suit is just one stunning style option you can choose at 8th Lining. 

To get fitted for your Sharkskin Suit or try one of our other classic styles, simply book a free consultation today.

Made to Measure Sharkskin 2 Piece Suit - Canvas Construction