Discover the world of 8th Lining and you will never go back to off-the-rack shirts again. With our premium range made-to-measure shirts, you can complete your wardrobe for the entire workweek or create a special, one-off piece for that special event. 

Our experienced style advisors will help you customize every aspect of your shirt, including the construction, collar, cuffs and buttons. We even offer personalized monograms to truly make your shirt your own. 

Custom Shirts

Made to Measure Shirts


Buy 3 shirts, get 5

5 for 3 Made to measure shirts from our Distinct Draper Lines, which include Thomas Mason, Albini, Zegna and more.

Get a value of over 2,000 AED for just 1,499 AED.


Albini Executive Offer

Buy 3 and get 5 Made to measure shirts from our Executive Albini line from the luxury Italian draper.

Get a value of over 3,800 AED for just 2,990 AED.

Work Week Offer

4 shirts for 1,000 AED

With our work week promotion, customize 4 shirts with our premium Dino Filarte fabrics for 1,000 AED instead of 1,200 AED.