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  • Welcome to 8th Lining —where your story is woven into every stitch and tailor-made to perfection.

    Our mission

    At 8th Lining, nestled in Dubai’s vibrant core, we merge age-old sartorial mastery with modern technology, crafting suits that are symbols of legacy and ambition. Our mission: to redefine tailoring, transforming it from mere service to a transformative experience, empowering each man with elegance and unwavering confidence.
  • Our story

    Situated in the heart of Dubai’s dynamic Business Bay, 8th Lining seamlessly melds the time-honored craft of custom tailoring with groundbreaking technology, delivering unparalleled sartorial elegance. Our ethos is deeply rooted in the belief that a suit, be it a business ensemble or an elegant tuxedo, is more than just attire—it’s an emblem of a man’s legacy. By marrying the precision of 3D scanning with the refined touch of our seasoned tailors, we ensure each custom suit is a testament to your journey, aspirations, and successes. From the world-renowned fabrics of Loro Piana to our attentive one-on-one design consultations, every element of the 8th Lining experience is curated to elevate, inspire, and resonate with the discerning gentleman. Welcome to 8th Lining—where your story is woven into every stitch and tailor-made to perfection.
  • our-story

8th lining: Where innovation meets tradition, crafting bespoke suits that define your legacy.

Our team

Shehzad Khan
Style Advisor
Shehzad Ismail Khan, our esteemed Senior Style Advisor, is a master craftsman with over 15 years of experience, primarily rooted in the intricacies of bespoke tailoring and fashion consultation. Shehzad Khan, our seasoned fashion consultant, brings over a decade of experience in fine tailoring and an exceptional knack for understanding client needs. With a discerning eye for style and a dedication to craftsmanship, he's adept at transforming high-quality fabrics into statements of personal elegance. At 8th Lining, Shehzad is instrumental in ensuring that every client steps out in a garment that’s tailored not just to fit, but to impress.
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Arfat Ahmed
Principal Style Advisor
Arfat Ahmed, our esteemed Head Style Advisor at 8th Lining, brings with him an illustrious 14-year journey in the luxury retail sector, deeply rooted in the UAE’s fashion scene. His unparalleled expertise spans from the intricacies of luxury fabrics to the dynamics of high-end watches. Having served with iconic brands like Louis Vuitton, Tom Ford, and J.M. Weston, Arfat’s profound understanding of tailored elegance, combined with his commitment to the luxury experience, positions him as a beacon of sartorial wisdom. At 8th Lining, Arfat is not just about curating the perfect look; he’s about crafting a legacy in every stitch
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Edmond Mchall
Style Advisor
Edmond McHall, Style Advisor at 8th Lining, epitomizes the art of sartorial sophistication and unmatched client service.
Edmond McHall, Style Advisor at 8th Lining, epitomizes the art of sartorial sophistication and unmatched client service. A seasoned expert in the world of luxury retail, Edmond's longstanding tenure at Fendi has endowed him with an unparalleled understanding of luxury fashion, with a particular emphasis on exquisitely tailored suits. His commitment to providing an elite, personalized service experience has made him a cornerstone in our mission at 8th Lining. Recognized repeatedly for his exceptional service and expertise, Edmond's approach aligns seamlessly with our brand's ethos: where luxury meets meticulous craftsmanship.
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Our services

  • In person consultation

    The client visits the boutique to their measurements taken with our 3D body scanner, discuss options with our style advisors, choose fabrics and customizations.
  • Order Collection

    When the order arrives, the client is invited to come back to the boutique to try on the item and take it home.